Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cranberry Gourmet Crazy

Cranberry "Gourmet" Deli sits directly across the street from my office, so it's become the easiest place to grab a quick lunch. They've recently upgraded their upstairs seating area so that the walls are no longer purple and the tables no longer sticky, but inviting. They've also upgraded their music via live band two days a week, but I've been hesitant to go up there, as I thought it would be annoying, loud, and punctuated by a large tip cup, passed around at the end of each song.

Confession: I like to eat lunch alone-in quiet. Maybe that makes me an anti-social weirdo, but I don't see the point in watching your coworkers masticate, bits of food spitting out of their mouths when they insist on talking the entire time. Or that annoying silence when you realize they are waiting for the answer to a question you didn't hear because you'd tuned them out five minutes ago.

God, where was I? Oh, yeah, Cranberry Deli. So, I settle down in a semi-hidden table so less people can watch me eat. In the very center of the room, an skinny elderly man sets his tray down and prepares to dine. I can't see what's on his tray because there's a low partition wall blocking my view. I watch as he stands up, rips apart a brown paper bag, and seems to be flattening it out on the table. Is he making a picnic blanket? I thought only I did weird things like that. He is totally engrossed in this little ritual and I'm just dying to know what the hell he's doing, especially because it's taking so long. The only way to find out is to stand up. So I do. I just have to know, because I know it will be worth it.

He has been using the paper bag to soak up all the grease from the pizza he's about to eat. For some reason this churns my stomach. Why not just use a napkin, instead of the dirty bag? A little crackpot/crazy, no? And better yet, why not just eat a frickin salad (available right next to the pizza counter downstairs) if you're so concerned with the oil content in your food? At least I know how he keeps his figure (although age might have something to do with it).

After walking all the way back to the rear of the floor to toss his greasy paper bag, he comes back for his pizza. Now annoyed by the sound of the band, he retreats to the rear sitting area, completely out of sight. I am tempted to follow him as God only knows what he's going to do next. Or maybe I'm the one that's crazy.

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nikoeternal.com said...

LOL i used to mop up pizza grease in my wheat and dairy eating days, but not with a paper bag! SHEESH!