Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spiro, King of the Greeks

Before Borat, there was Spiro, King of the Greeks. This was my Halloween costume back in 2002. I did all the hair and makeup myself. When I went to the 99-cent store and asked the woman at the counter, "Is this a flesh-toned lipstick?" she (and the stupid customers) looked at me like I was a transvestite. "It's for Halloween, okay?" I told them. I went to a Halloween party on Long Island in full character (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets the Golden Girls). Of course, I got a little too into character and cursed in front of the children, to which I was told, "There's kids here!" Talk about a buzzkill.


Steven said...

If your pants were hiked up to a place under your armpits, you'd resemble my father (only with more hair).

The finger pointing is spot on, though.

eleni said...

I miss Spiro!!...and which party on LI??..Brian's?...I had such a great time at that

Chris said...

Eleni -

Maybe one day he come back. I don no.

Yes, it was Brian's party.