Saturday, October 27, 2007


Why do people not say a word to you when you're eating pizza, cookies and burgers, but the second that you announce you're on a diet, they say, "Oh, that's not good for you."

Shut it. Really. Just shut it. Today is day 17 of the South Beach Diet. My clothes fit again, I have confidence and boundless energy. Cookies, bread, pasta and the like have been banished for good.

Though I'd kill for a slice of toast right now.
With butter.
And grape jelly.
Shit. I'll be right back.


IT IS WHAT IT IS said...

i am desperate to lose 50 lbs but i am so undiscplined
do you recommend this diet??

Chris said...

Definately. Get the book, read it and it's not hard to follow. Once you get the basics under your belt, you'll be well on your way. I highly recommend this. (not a paid endorsement)

Steven said...

Or, try my diet of cocaine and bulemia.

Works. Every. Single. Time.