Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just Call Me Gumby Then

I was at Bally's on a Friday night, which is when it is the least crowded. Mondays, as you might expect are the worst: anyone and everyone who overate is there, stinking up the place in a last ditch effort to save themselves, rather than simply not be a slob in the first place.

So there I was, adjusting the seat on the pec fly machine. I had my iPod with me, which has become necessary due to the lack of good music at this gym. It also helps to tune out annoying conversations around me. (This probably explains why I have no friends)

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone standing there. He wasn't that close, so I didn't pay any attention to him.

Until he poked me. Right in the shoulder, as I was lifting the seat on the machine. I looked at him and pulled one ear bud out. I knew what was coming.

"How many sets do you have?" asked the pain in the ass.

"I don't know. Maybe four?" I replied, with a hint of annoyance. I was hoping he would give up and leave, but then he asked to "work in" with me. I hate this. It's so fucking rude. Seriously, if someone is using the machine you would like, go away and come back when it is free. This is what I do, so why can't everyone else? The fact that the gym had many free machines at the time made this even more annoying.

When I got home, I relayed my story about "Pokey" to Larry, hoping he would take my side. He did not. Am I wrong here? Is it not a little strange to poke someone because they can't hear you? Is it my fault that people can't take the hint when I wear my headphones to tune them all out? Or is it time to find a new building, one with a gym in the basement?


Steven said...

Jesus. Fine.

Next time, I won't poke you. Fuck.

Vidis said...

Man, I feel like you hacked into my brain and stole the words - I FUCKING HATE when people stand next to you and pressure you to "work in", and you have to keep adjusting everything - especially when they can use something else related and come back in five mins... What, are they afraid that you're gonna take up residency at the machine? and Yes!... I have to get that shirt for the gym that says: "DON'T FUCKING TALK TO ME!" ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!