Monday, March 26, 2007

Godzilla Attacks

Dear Jackass on Four:

NOTE: NOT EVERYONE GETS UP AT 5:00 IN THE MORNING! Also, please tell the crackhead/cow/future stalker that has moved in with you that she needs to STOP WALKING ON HER FUCKING HEELS! It's like having Godzilla vs. Mothra go at it up there. (and last week we heard you having sex. I can only imagine the STD's that were swapped that night)

Seriously, if this were a pre-war building, I'd be coated in fallen plaster. Stop it. And did you know that you are pissing off the guy above you again? And he is not having it. By "it" I mean your stoopid juvenile video game that rumbles like a fucking earthquake simulator.

I am hoping that it's only a matter of time before your new, whiny girlfriend starts to complain that "this apartment is too small" and either moves out, moves in and forces you to upgrade, or tricks you into marrying her. Then you will be toast. Until then, I'm pushing to have your apartment inspected for the 80% carpeting requirements.

Fuck you, Adam.

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