Monday, February 12, 2007

Wicked Birthday Ziti

And I was doing so well, too. This weekend, I fell off the low-carb wagon and landed with a resounding thud. You may have felt it. Here are some lowlights. If it will save just one person, then it's worth it.

noon Eat salad for lunch, resist pizza with startling ease. Declare victory over carbs and an end to the cravings. Shocked at newly discovered energy level.
6:00 Await out-of-town guests, head held high.
6:30 Guests arrive, starving from two-hour drive. Chicken cutlets appear, apparition-like, on the table. Chicken cutlets vanish, as if attacked by sharks.
7:00 "Second course" arrives: baked ziti, along with meatballs and an incredible loaf of bread. It is forced into my mouth against my will.
9:00-ish Chocolate birthday cake comes out. Of the 6 people in the room, 3 are celebrating a February birthday, myself included (2/15, mark your calendars. I like money). Chocolate cake is cut into; six small slices are distributed, with the intent to show restraint. I shrug my shoulders, as the pasta has not had time to convert me back into "out of control carb face."

11:30 a.m.
Coffee, followed by prolonged discussion with guests over the necessity of breakfast.
12:00 Murray's is called. We are put on hold for eternity, eventually hanging up. I am not surprised by this and I know what's coming. (sidenote: Murray's is a hugely popular bagel store in Chelsea. On weekends, the line is out the door, so noon on a Saturday is not the best time to get something delivered) I am recruited to go across the street to fetch breakfast from the Korean deli.
12:20 I sit on a footstool gleefully devouring my bacon and egg sandwich on a bagel. Danger sign.
5:00 Just back from the Broadway show Wicked, eating (you guessed it) leftover baked ziti.
9:00 Dinner with out-of-town guests at One If By Land, Two If By Sea. Curiously, there is no breadbasket. Rather, a "servant boy" comes around to each table and you are to "select" one of the two options. This, I think, is rather stingy for such a hoity-toity, high-class restaurant. I eat my roll, then we revolt, asking for more bread. Dinner is gnocci and the most incredible beef wellington in New York City (as if I've sampled it everywhere else). There are four of us, so naturally, there must be four different desserts ordered. Chocolate mousse, pear tart, chocolate cake, and creme brulee. All are delicious and I would know because I sampled them all.

10:00 a.m.
Coffee, more baked ziti and bread "for the trip back" with guests.
12:00 Out of town guests leave.
1:00 Since there is nothing else to eat, I scoop out a small portion of baked ziti.
3:00 Leftover baked ziti is decimated.
6:00 Chocolate cake is attacked and obliterated. Fridge pretty much empty.

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