Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dumbass Of the Week: Airforce Edition

Here we go again. Another woman (cough. whore) getting busted and demoted because she was dumb enough to use her official uniform in posing nude for Playboy. (In this case, it was dogtags and her Airforce uniform.)

This time, it's a 30 year old, white-trash mother-of-two from some redneck state with no access to any form of media. How else could you explain her shocked reaction ("I'm disappointed in our system," Manhart told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "They went too far with it.")? How much do you want to bet the dogs at Playboy told her that "nothing would happen to her"?

Please. And is that her on the cover of the magazine she's holding? Because it makes me think that a few motherboards were fried from the extensive Photoshopping done to her. She looks like shit for 30.

"My family is going to stay here, but I do have plans to pursue anything that comes my way, whether it be in L.A. or New York or Hollywood," she said. Cut to a future episode of COPS where she is maced and wrestled to the ground after a domestic violence incident. Looks like the only thing coming her way is a welfare check.

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Anonymous said...

Ship her to IRAQ